The CM100

The CM100 is a dual-sensor gyro-stabilized gimbal specifically designed for use on unmanned aircraft. Dual Sensor – EO and IR - No ITAR or Export Restrictions - Low Size, Weight, Power and Cost - IP63 Rating

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The CM160

The CM160 is a rugged, multi-sensor gyro-stabilized gimbal for use in marine applications, as well as on unmanned and manned aircraft . EO, IR and Laser Range Finder in the Same Unit - ITAR Free Options Available - IP66 Rating - Marine Environment Friendly Version Available

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The CM202

The CM 202 is a direct-drive multi-sensor stabilized gimbal specifically designed for us on large unmanned and small manned aircraft. - Multiple Sensor – EO, LWIR, MWIR, SWIR, Laser Range Finder, Illuminator - ITAR Free Options Available - IP65 Rating - User Customizable Sensor Configurations

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The CM202G

The CM202G Gas Hound is specifically designed for aerial gas leak detection. Detects leaks greater than 1,000 g/hr at 1000 ft AGL - Geo tags anamolies in real time - EO HD, MWIR Gas Finder - IP 65 Rating

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Ascent Vision is a U.S. based technology company specializing in precision technologies for the manned and unmanned aerospace industry. In particular, Ascent manufactures and distributes best-in-class Gimbal systems throughout the Americas and Africa. Ascent also manufactures aircraft integration mounts and proprietary software programs for its full line of Gimbals. In addition to aerial applications, Ascent pursues integration of its systems into ground-based vehicles, maritime vessels, and other platforms benefiting from Gyro Stabilized camera systems.


Based in Bozeman, Montana, Ascent Vision enjoys a unique geographical advantage due to its proximity to some of the worlds leading photonics companies, as well as Montana State University. MSU is a highly regarded technical center for Aerospace Engineering, UAV Development, and Laser Optics research.


Ascent Vision Technologies, LLC

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